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Branching Unit

There are seven branching units (bu) in rbt2 cable. India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Two super cable landing stations in each express ways. EW1, EW2 and EW3. More than ten bu in alexander the great cable, AtG. Each bu would offer you lowest latency, highest redundency and maximum reachablity around the world. Number of BU in BBG2 subsea system 41 nos. Branching units are along Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe.

Capacity Solution

Be the owner of a submarine cable inside another submarine cable. Creat your own fiber from Asia to Africa, Asia to Australia and Asia to Europe. Buy upto 120 Tbs capacity according to your requirement in each fiber. State of the art wave length solution, 100G, 200G. 100GbE ethernet solution.


Use your own equipment to terminate capacity. It reduces your rick on traditional transmission system. Provisioning has been increased. Light-up is in your hand. All benifites of managed service is offered here.

Longest Subsea Cable

New technology, High performance, Zero downtime, Low latency, Multiple redundency and World wide coverage